Cover art by Jeff Delierre

Cover art by Jeff Delierre

The Cover

There are wolves in sheeps' clothing among us. These deceptively concealed humans thrive on power, refuse to be accountable for their actions, reject guidance, disregard truth, and harm others without regret. 



The Story

Lamblet O’Lamblet has a small, online business she has built up over the years.  Based on her own weight-loss inventions (supplements and topical creams) it has grown organically to where it can comfortably support herself and two employees, Rosie Krantz and Gilda Stern.   All is well until one of the company’s products gets mentioned in the local news.   The wolves of Main Street, that is, the small-town con artists who prey on tiny, Mom and Pop-run businesses, catch her scent on the wind and all of a sudden Lamblet is in danger.